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Teacher Professional Growth

Quality teachers and teaching are the foundation for and directly linked to student learning and achievement and have been priority outcomes for HC. Each HC school has successfully negotiated a site-based agreement with the Hawai'i State Teachers Association to apply a “Great Teacher” competency, professional growth, and evaluation model. The model significantly expands the competencies that guide teacher growth, evaluation and retention which result in an impact on the quality of teaching and learning. It is also adapted to the competencies required by each of the major innovations to assure that they can be successfully implemented.
Pay-for-Performance is another unique innovation designed to promote teacher growth and professionalism. Kamaile bargained with HSTA to design its pay-for-performance model and successfully completed its pilot year in SY2012-2013. The model is first and foremost the foundation for engaging teachers in setting individual student achievement targets in core content areas and for providing timely assessment for intervention and changing teaching and learning practices.
The model provides for recognition of individual, professional learning community (PLC), and academy wide accomplishments through incentive-based compensation.

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