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About Ho‛okāko‛o Corporation

Ho‛okāko‛o Corporation (HC) is a private, non-profit organization established in 2002.  Ho‛okāko‛o is a community of three public conversion charter schools, and all are governed by a volunteer board representing all aspects of the greater Hawaiian community.


Our History: Ho‛okāko‛o Corporation (Ho‛okāko‛o or "HC") was incorporated on October 10, 2002, under Act 2 of the Hawai'i Revised Statute, to improve the quality of education being offered to Hawai'i’s children. Act 2 allowed the formation of HC as a non-profit with a mission of managing and operating public conversion charter schools. Since its inception in 2002, Ho‛okāko‛o has grown to oversee and transform education programs at three public conversion charter schools comprising nearly 15% of Hawai'i’s public charter school student population, which include:


  •  Kamaile Academy, a P20 “village concept” school in Wai'anae, West O‛ahu

  •  Kualapu'u Preschool and Elementary School on Moloka'i

  •  Waimea Middle School on Hawai‛i Island


Through strong support from their respective school communities, each school is committed to HC's educational philosophies, performance expectations, and its governance model.  In turn, HC provides supplemental funding, school planning and support services, and advocacy in the legal, regulatory, and legislative environment.  HC is a key partner in the Hawai‛i charter school movement and in improving Native Hawaiian public education.


Our Vision: 

To enhance educational outcomes for students and enrich communities by creating high-quality public schools of choice as defined by high levels of student achievement, innovative programs, visionary leadership, and engaged Hawaiian communities.


Our Mission:

We empower communities to develop high quality, student-centered, and sustainable Hawaiian-focused charter schools by providing exceptional educational support services, mutual accountability, and a culture of learning.


Our Organizational Values:

A number of core values guide our work to improve and sustain high-quality public charter schools in our high-need, Native Hawaiian communities.


  •  Excellence in student achievement

  •  Visionary school leadership and effective school management

  •  Meaningful and purpose-driven community involvement


Our Educational Philosophies include:


  • A strong foundation in early years education

  • Quality school leadership and governance

  • Career pathways for "master teachers"

  • Innovations in teaching and student learning


Educational Leadership:

The responsibilities of charter school governing boards and principals are complex and challenging.  To meet the demands of our public education system and responsibilities to our students, Ho‛okāko‛o provides education leadership support to ensure that students continue to thrive in our school communities.


Some examples of leadership support include transformational education models, research-based innovations to support excellence in teaching and learning, financial management, legislative advocacy, human resource and organizational development consultation, development and fundraising expertise, and administrative economies of scale to its school to increase opportunities for student personal growth and academic achievement.



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