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Innovative Research-Based Best Practices

To achieve its vision and strategic plan goals, HC has developed a research-based model and framework designed to ensure the academic achievement and success of students. The model presents a perspective of how state and federal funding, grants, and Kamehameha Schools resource support comes together to enable our success. This is especially important in the context of sustainability. The schools can often secure temporary funding to undertake an initiative.  However, a stable funding source like Kamehameha Schools is critical to a sustainment strategy.

The model as depicted in the diagram below reflects the immediacy of teacher and leadership quality to the single outcome of student achievement. Surrounding teacher and leadership quality are those research-based innovations which enrich teacher and leadership quality and ultimately student achievement. These targeted innovations are aligned with the HC Strategic Plan, emphasizing the following necessary conditions for student success:

• P-20 aligned curriculum, instruction, and assessment
• Expanded Learning Time (ELT)
• Professional Learning Communities and the use of student data to inform        and assess teaching and learning for each student (PLCs)
• Competency based models for teacher and leader reflection, professional        growth, evaluation, and retention
• Pay-for-Performance
• Early introduction of the new Common Core standards
• Leadership development and support

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