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Every child has the right to be nurtured and valued.

To explore, to learn and to realize their true potential.


­­Every child has the right to the education that best prepares them for success in life.

As children, our students do not choose the neighborhoods they grow up in, how much their family has, or what language is spoken at home. And, they cannot fix an entire education system that is failing them.


Ho‛okāko‛o strives to close gaps in education that exist for many children due to no fault of their own. Our schools provide highly trained and effective teachers, innovative curriculum, and rich learning environments that meet the diverse needs of each of our students.


And, because we believe the cost of education should never be a barrier to a high-quality education,  we do not charge tuition and are free to all families.


Learn how you can help and ways you can give.  You can make a difference.

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