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Our mission is to improve the academic achievement and personal development of Hawaii’s children by providing an innovative and research-based Pre-K through 12 charter school education.  Through close partnerships with the community, teachers, families, and students, our schools have the expertise, accountabilities, and flexibility to create vibrant learning environments attentive to the educational, personal, physical, and cultural needs of our students.  


Our Core Values

We believe every child deserves to have the education that best prepares them for success in life, college, and career. 


The Challenge

Unfortunately, educational opportunities are not offered equally, and many children, through no fault their own, do not have access to quality schools, teachers or curriculum.


Our Solution

Ho‛okāko‛o creates high quality, research-based schools of choice that are offered free to all children and founded on student achievement, teaching best practices, evidenced-based curricula, cultural values, and parent and community involvement.

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