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Our Leadership Team

Ho‛okāko‛o operates a network of public conversion charter schools.  While our schools reside in different communities throughout the State, what unifies our school leaders is a mutual sense of purpose.  Ho‛okāko‛o's leaders have a fundamental belief in all of our students' ability to succeed in the right educational environment.  To this end, we are responsible for a number of leadership and management functions to guide our work as described below.


Ho‛okāko‛o "Leadership" Structure consists of the HC Governing Board, Executive Director, and School Principals.  The Leadership conducts strategic planning, defines the vision, and establishes strategic goals to achieve the vision.  The leadership has the primary responsibility for financial, organizational, and academic viability under the statute.


Ho‛okāko‛o "Management" Structure consists of the HC Executive Director, Principals and Vice/Associate Principals, and the Ho'okāko'o Corporate Professional Staff.  Management is responsible for implementation of the vision and goals, assuring compliance with, and accountability for, policies, procedures, collective bargaining, agreements, statutes, and laws.


Click on the boxes below for specific leadership roles, responsibilities and functions.

Local Advisory Panels (LAP):


  • Are the links between the Local School Board and the HC school communities; and

  • Advise and provide Principals and Local School Board with input regarding opportunities for achieving the vision and goals of HC and its schools


The LAP's role is advisory.  The LAP does not have management and/or operational authority over school and corporate matters.  Principals recommend members for the LAP and the Local School Board has final approval of LAP members.

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