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Kualapu'u Vex Robotics

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Our students come from plantation, gardening, farming, fishing, and hunting lifestyles, and yet eagerly embrace learning opportunities that expand their horizons beyond Molokai. Through the foundations of reading and math, we successfully prepare talented as well as at-risk students for academic success in middle and high schools.

Together, we will nurture our students so they can learn and thrive!


Please join us today by clicking below or by downloading a gift form to securely make your tax-deductible donation that supports the success of our students.

Your gift will ensure our children receive the curriculum, instruction and effective educational innovations that help them achieve success in school and in life. 

Support Kualapu'u School Annual Giving

By giving to the Kualapu`u Annual Giving Drive, you help provide our students with lessons in Hawaiian culture, physical fitness, visual arts, performing arts, technology, writing, and even travel to neighbor islands and the continental US.

Kualapu`u School Endowment Fund

By giving to the Kualapu'u School Endowment Fund you help to ensure Kualapu'u School's future for generations of students to come. 

All money raised for the Kualapu‘u Endowment Fund will be grown and preserved for perpetuity. Interest earned on the fund will be used to provide educational programs and experiences for the students of Kualapu‘u School.

Kualapu`u Students on East Coast Educational Tour

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